The Brigette Vase - Natural
The Brigette Vase - Natural
$ 63.50

The Brigette Vase - Natural

Measurements: approximately 10" wide, 10" high with 7" handle

Handles come in cream or brown goatskin

Handwoven in Ghana

A medium/large, hand woven, straw fan with leather handle great for the beach, picnic, lakehouse, farmer's market and even dressing up your home.


  • Hand woven straw
  • Sustainably sourced goatskin handles


Care: May be wet to reshape. Maintain handle by periodically moisturizing it with any kind of leather cream or natural oil like coconut or olive oil. 


Fun Fact: The straw used to make the Paloma Fans are considered a nuisance to farmers. The weavers do them a favor by collecting it off their lands. In turn, they produce beautiful products using that same 'nuisance' straw. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure, indeed!