Artisan Forged Cheese Knives
$ 140.00

Artisan Forged Cheese Knives

This beautiful, hand-forged cheese knife set will be a conversation started at your next gathering with its beautiful hammered metal and wood accents. The hammered blades are hand-forged from stainless steel. Given the handmade nature of the blades, each one has its own unique character, with no two pieces identical. The handles are hand-carved from sustainably harvested beech, and sealed with a food safe sealant to protect the wood and its natural finish.

Set of 4 contains each of the following:

  • Cleaver: 7.25" In length
  • Knife: 8" In length
  • Spreader: 7.25" In length
  • Petite Spreader: 5.75" In length

Hand-wash only using a non-citrus detergent. Avoid harsh scrub pads. Towel dry with a soft cloth.