The Market Bag - Natural
$ 281.00

The Market Bag - Natural

Approximate Measurements: 17" Long x 13" Wide x 14" High (17" High with Handle)

Please Note: Each basket is woven by hand and sizing may vary

Home decor or the put-everything-in-it assistant. The ultimate bag for all your Farmer's Market finds. Great for parents who want to chuck it all in style while doubling as a stylish place to store towels, magazines, and even kid's toys.

Natural with medium brown handles and dark brown braids

  • Hand Woven straw
  • Sustainably sourced goatskin handles
  • Can be easily reshaped with water


The straw is as flexible as it is durable and may be wet to reshape. To reshape simply soak the straw, preferably in a tub or large sink, avoiding the leather handles. When the straw is very wet, you will find no resistance in popping out any dents. 

Shape as you wish and allow a full 12 hours to dry. 

ONLY the 100% natural straw products can be dried in the sun, but colored straw, especially black, may bleed a little so we suggest you allow it to dry in the tub and away from the sun.

 And like your skin, treat the handles of your Victoria Basket with some TLC by rubbing a bit of coconut or olive oil on the handles every now and then to prevent dryness. 

 Note that in some cases, with time, the handles may appear to have a grey film. This is a natural part of the aging process of the leathers. Simply wipe the grey areas with a damp cloth and moisturize with your oil of choice