Hand-Thrown Marbled Drip Butter Bell
Hand-Thrown Marbled Drip Butter Bell
$ 102.00

Hand-Thrown Marbled Drip Butter Bell

The perfect way to store your butter at room temperature keeping it spreadable and fresh while adding a touch of organic beauty to your counter.

Hand-thrown in the U.S.

Stoneware + porcelain with pier base glaze. As these items are handmade and natural, expect variations in colors + patterns.



Whiskey + Clay is ceramics for everyday use. Inspired by the far west Texas sky and earth, they blend porcelain with stoneware to give each piece a timeless desert feel. Pieces are high fired in a heavy-reduction gas kiln, the outcome creates dark rust tones and brightly developed glazes that give each its own identity. All pieces are food safe and meant to be enjoyed through use - dishes for dinner gatherings, mugs for coffee shops, bud vases for a windowsill, etc.

 Approximate Dimensions: 3" H x 4" Dia.