Murchison - Hume All Purpose Cleaner
Murchison - Hume All Purpose Cleaner
$ 16.00

Murchison - Hume All Purpose Cleaner

A natural and effective all-purpose cleaner is strong enough to tackle everyday germs, surface stains and other pesky nasties. It's versatile! Use it in any room for a naturally clean home. Plus, it smells more like a sophisticated home fragrance than a cleaning product.

Uses: safe on any surface not harmed by water, such as granite, marble, finished wood, tile, laminate, & plastic. Perfect for countertops, walls, tabletops, food prep areas, high chairs, & toys.

These products never contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, dye, formaldehyde, parabens, & phthalates.

17 oz.

Made in Australia

• Packaging: Biodegradable, Plastic-free, and Zero waste

• Product Materials: Biodegradable, Nontoxic, and Vegan

• Production: Sustainably sourced