$ 12.00

Poilane Sourdough Quarter - Loaf

POILÂNE® SOURDOUGH LOAF - THE ARTISANAL BREAD WITH 4 UNIQUE INGREDIENTS The Poilâne® loaf is made of 4 ingredients: stone-ground wheat flour, Guérande salt, water and natural leaven. This handmade bread is baked on the stone floor of our wood-fired ovens. Its crust is thick and its dense crumb has a beige color. The natural fermentation on leaven gives it a tangy flavor. No additives and no preservatives. The Poilâne® loaf can be eaten fresh or toasted. It accompanies the meal from the starter to the cheese. For dessert, it is perfect as a French toast; there's no way you'll lose a crumb!

**Good for 5-7 days on the counter in a tea towel or bread bag