$ 11.00

Sel De Guerande Au Piment D'espelette

Installed on the salt marshes of Guérande, the salt flats are located in the town of Asserac and our workshop is located in St-Molf. Delicate fruit of the ocean, the sun, the wind and the ancestral know-how of salt workers, the salt and salt flower of Guérande that we offer are harvested by hand. Fleur de Sel, delicately picked from the surface of the water, Coarse-salt, is neither washed nor treated and drips naturally onto the salt flats. Independent salt workers, they pay particular attention to the quality of the products that do not undergo any mechanization in order to respect the structure and taste of a natural salt.

Ingredients: PGI Guérande salt (95%), Espelette pepper* (5%) * Ingredients from organic farming

Made in France