Small Wooden Flower
Small Wooden Flower
$ 50.00

Small Wooden Flower

These Small Wood Flowers or “tree ears” are modernist sculptures designed by nature and come on their own wrought iron stand. They are lovely little accents on one’s desk top or bedside table. Make a statement with just one or create a conversation with a group.

These are the smallest of our wood flower collection and grow wild on branches of mature trees in Guatemala. They are harvested from 4 species native to the country’s Pacific coastline. Before reaching you, tree ears are scrubbed free of moss and lichens and the bark is peeled off. They’re then left to dry in the sun for a few weeks.

Please note: Each Small Wood Flower is unique and comes on a handmade wrought iron stand with protective wool felt pad underneath.

Sizing is approximate.

Material: Wood, wrought iron, wool felt

Dimensions: approx. 4"H x 4"W